Fan Bing Bing and Timmy Xu at Paris Fashion Week for Givenchy

Fan Bing Bing Timmy Xu Weizhou
With all the media attention on Fashion Week, I was really wondering where Fan Bing Bing was. After all, she’s only the top Chinese celebrity according to Forbes and many other rankings in existence, so if anyone’s going to be basking in the spotlight, it has to be her. 
As It turns out, she was recently in Paris to catch the Givenchy 2017 Spring / Summer Collection where she caught the show from the front row, appearing striking in an all-white dress that’s in keeping with the theme. It looks like she ran into fellow Chinese actor Timmy Xu Weizhou who was also fully clad in white. He may be far from being as big a star as her, but he’s best known as the lead in the webdrama Addiction that was controversial for its theme around boys’ love. 

And hello, it’s Fan Bing Bing with Julianne Moore! I’m oddly excited for rare moments like this when Hollywood and C-Entertainment collide. I believe that’s Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara sitting from the front row as well. 

Fan Bing Bing Julianne Moore
Fan Bing Bing Paris Fashion Week
Fan Bing Bing Paris Fashion Week
Fan Bing Bing Paris Fashion Week
Fan Bing Bing Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week Timmy Xu Weizhou
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