Zhang Yuxi Opposite Melvin Xia in “Dear Prince”

Dear Prince Chinese webdrama
Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人 is a 19-episode Chinese webdrama about a girl who gets caught up in the death of a film star and falls into a sweeping romance in the process. I find it amusing that Zhang Yuxi goes from the 2016 webdrama My Little Princess to another royally-inclined dramaShe’s not playing the princess this time as the honor goes to Malaysian-Chinese actor Melvin Sia who plays her self-absorbed prince charming. Like most romances, we soon discover that he has a sensitive side that just needs to be unearthed. 
The story begins when Sun Xiaotao plans the perfect vacation to watch her favorite idol Zhou Yiran in concert. Her biggest wish is to tell him that she has fulfilled her promise from back in the day. She’s a down-to-earth girl with some personal issues to overcome as she works as a voice actor but falters whenever she needs to speak in front of people. She crosses paths with a top superstar named Jiang Hao (Zhou Yiran’s rival), and it leads to an unexpected fantasy romance. Trust me when I say unexpected because I thought I was in for a romance with some elements of suspense until the plot surprisingly takes a ghostly turn. 

Release Date: August 30, 2017 Tencent QQ and Mango TV
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Dear Prince Chinese webdrama Melvin Sia
Dear Prince Chinese webdrama Zhang Yuxi
Dear Prince Chinese webdrama
Dear Prince Chinese webdrama
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