Chen Kuo-fu, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun have started an acting school

Chen Kun Zhou Xun Chen Kuo-fu
This may not sound like your everyday showbiz news, but Chen Kun and Zhou Xun who are most definitely A-list actors in their own right have founded The Dome Studio, a school that is meant to be all about acting. They are joined by Taiwanese filmmaker Chen Kuo-fu who has produced movies like Mojin: The Lost Legend (also starring Chen Kun) and the upcoming Hanson and the Beast

The three share their plans to reinvent the wheel when it comes to honing acting as a craft. The school which has setup shop in Beijing is already open for its Spring intake next year, and it is urging newcomers to sign up. There will also be separate courses for professional actors and a master class, as the three have stressed that learning is a continuous process. Check out their website here.
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