Crystal Zhang, Zhang Ruoyun and Timmy Xu for “The Evolution of Our Love”

The Evolution of Our Love c-drama
The Evolution of Our Love 爱情进化论 is quite simply put a love story that evolves between two people who have known each other for fifteen years. Fifteen must be the magic number for Zhang Ruoyun as he also headlined the romance drama Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds which aired last year. His leading lady this time around is Crystal Zhang Tian AiThey sure make a photogenic pair, and they’ve got the acting creds to go along with it. I think Zhang Ruoyun’s got a leg up just based on his past works, but Crystal Zhang definitely left an impression from her hilarious gender bending antics in Go Princess Go.
Filming began last August in Beijing. The show’s been diligently dropping behind the scenes stills, but why does everyone look so glum? Timmy Xu who gained fame through Addicted, another popular webdrama rounds up the main cast as the second lead. 

The Evolution of Our Love c-drama Crystal Zhang Tian Ai
The Evolution of Our Love c-drama Zhang Ruoyun
The Evolution of Our Love c-drama
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