Another drama adaptation set in Novoland to start filming soon

Novoland Eagle Flag casting Lareina Song Liu Hao Ran
From dramas like Tribes and Empires and Novoland: Castle in the Sky to the movie Legend of the Naga Pearls, there’s been a growing number of productions exploring the fantastical world of Novoland as their setting. Novoland Eagle: Flag 九州缥缈录 is another one to add to the list and it is based on a popular novel by Jiang Nan’s 江南
No official announcement has been made on the cast, but Liu Haoran and Lareina Song are said to be attached to the project. Both are quite young, he’s 20 and she’s 19 but slowly making headway into starring roles with Liu Haoran taking the coveted role as the main protagonist in Nirvana in Fire 2
The story revolves around three friends – the hero, his friend and a wing-tribed princess, who find solace with each other. According to the author Jiang Nan who also writes the screenplay, he was able to take a peek at the first stills and he calls it simple, not overly fantastical and has the makings of a legendary epic. 

Novoland Eagle Flag
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