Wuxia meets modern in “Faceoff” trailer with Tan Songyun and Zhang Danfeng

Faceoff iQiYi webdrama
The upcoming drama Faceoff 特化师 has dropped a trailer that will leave you all sorts of confused, which seems to be intentional so perhaps that’s a good thing. The promotional poster has Tan Songyun (My Mr. Mermaid) and Zhang Dan Feng (Legend of Dugu) as a regular couple in normal clothes, but the weapons that they’re holding on to hint at something that’s not entirely your average drama.  

Faceoff iQiYi webdrama
Faceoff iQiYi webdrama
There’s a clip showing the them in ancient garb, soaring off into the distance martial arts style. Then a second later, there’s a scene reenacting a very literal Faceoff, and then zombies? It’s such an odd combination that my curiosity is thoroughly piqued. Besides, Tan Songyun was lovable as the feisty heroine in The Fox’s Summer that I think she’d do well in a wackier premise. 
Faceoff iQiYi webdrama Zhang Danfeng
Faceoff iQiYi webdrama Tan Songyun
A peak at the synopsis takes us to a story about a cosmetics sales lady who considers herself to be a martial arts hero. She meets her love interest, a top special effects makeup artist thus beginning their romance. The truth to the matter is, this sounded ten times more interesting before I learned what the plot was about, but I’m still inclined to check it out. 
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