Yang Mi is the new global endorser for Michael Kors

Yang Mi
It’s Yang Mi’s birthday today, and she’s in New York for a press conference announcing her as the global endorser for Michael Kors. Looking back to the Met Gala, Yang Mi has had a long working relationship with the fashion brand, so this further collaboration is a logical step towards a more meaningful partnership.

Earlier in the day, the company had dropped clues saying, “Loves the color green and foxes, likes running, loves latte, 3 is her lucky number, Ku Cai Shi Ren Sheng 苦才是人生 is the book that she cannot put down. MICHAEL KORS global endorser, it’s her, did you guess it?” I think we all guessed it since it’s more like a reveal given that her picture’s right there on the phone. 

Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Yang Mi


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