Upcoming Dramas and Movies Oct 2017

The Starry Night The Starry Sea 2 premieres October 2017
A romance between an ordinary woman and the king of the merpeople begins during the Tang Dynasty. Starring Feng Shao Feng, Bea Hayden and Bosco Wong. 

Legend of Heavenly Tear airs October 4
c(Oct 4 iQiYi)
A noble lady from the Norther Qi falls in the hands of her own husband. She is saved by a prince of Liang and gets reborn with a new identity and a thirst for vengeance. Starring Wang Li Kun and Joe Cheng. 
The Legendary Tycoon October 9 premiere
The Legendary Tycoon (Oct 9 Zhejiang TV, Tencent QQ, iQiYi, Youku)
A story based on the life of Hong Kong entertainment mogul Run Run Shaw. Starring Zhang Han, Joe Chen, Jia Qing and Song Yi. 
A tenant and her landlord goes from being the oddest match to the perfect match due to their respective quirks. Starring Lee Min Ke and Jung So Min. 
Guo Min Da Sheng Huo (Oct 9 Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV, Tencent QQ)
A story about two people from Beijing and Shanghai who work out their relationship in spite of clashing ideas, families and friends. Starring Ryan Zheng and Yuan Shan Shan. 
Lost Love in Times Spinoff Simon Gong Jun
Lost Love in Times Spinoff (Oct 11 Youku)
The spinoff follows two main couple pairings – the 11th Prince and Princess Yin Cai Qian, the 12th Prince and a sorceress. Starring Simon Gong Jun and Xu Mu Chan. 
The Big Boss Season 2 (Oct 13 Tencent QQ)
The sequel brings back the students under the leadership of their wacky class president. Starring Eleanor Lee and Huang Jun Jie. 
Revolutionary Love Kang Sora Choi Siwon
Revolutionary Love (Oct 14 TvN)
A story about a young woman barely able to make ends meet who meets a chaebol who’s not like the typical chaebol in any way – he’s warm, childish and also quite naive. Starring Choi Si Won, Kang So Ra and Gong Myung. 
Black (Oct 14 OCN)
A k-drama that combines crime suspense and the supernatural when a grim reaper detective meets a lady with a special gift of sight. Starring Song Seung Heon and Go Ara. 
Oh My General (Oct 25 Youku, PPTV)
A gender bender story about a famous general who’s actually a woman in disguise until she’s forced to marry into the royal family. Starring Sandra Ma and Sheng Yilun.
Ordinary Person Character c-drama
Ordinary Character Person (Oct 28 Jiangsu TV and Anhui TV)
A newbie in the workforce crosses paths with a divorcee whom she admires and the romance ensues between two seemingly ordinary people. Starring Lin Yong Jian and Jiang Xin.  
Rule the World (Oct 30 Tencent QQ)
A legendary story about the most beautiful woman in the land. She is someone who can bring prosperity or ruin to the world. Starring Raymond Lam and Tina Tang.

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