Tsui Hark to bring the “Condor Heroes” back to the big screen after 35 years

Tsui Hark to bring the “Condor Heroes” back to the big screen after 35 years
Tsui Hark ROCH
Yes, there is another one! And whether you think it’s one too many or not, I guess the good news is that in spite of endless drama adaptations, movies based on Jin Yong’s Return of the Condor Heroes are actually few and far between. The last time it was seen on the big screen was in 1982 when the Shaw Brothers produced The Brave Archer and His Mate starring Alexander Fu Sheng, Philip Kwok and Gigi Wong.

Return of the Condor Heroes 1982
News outlets have been reporting that the new movie will be directed by Tsui Hark with a screenplay written by Shi Nan Sun who is his longtime business partner and ex-wife. The two have had many collaborations in the past with a a recent one being the commercially successful Journey to the West 2

Through a video message, Tsui Hark shared that he has been wanting to adapt Jin Yong wuxia novels since the 70’s, but the market and technology weren’t ready for it then. He was involved in The Swordsman movies that were based on The Smiling, Proud Wanderer in the 90’s, but wasn’t able to adapt the Condor Heroes due to copyright issues. 

It looks like it’s now or never for Tsui Hark, and given how celebrated he is when it comes to Asian cinema specifically the action genre, it seems like a perfect fit. The movie will be produced by LeTV CEO Zhang Zhao. 

Tsui Hark Romance of the Condor Heroes


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