The ladies of Yang Mi Studio

Maggie Huang, Dai Si, Li Xi Rui and Dilraba
The Bulgari Event held in Beijing last night was themed sisterhood, so it seems fitting to shed the spotlight on Maggie Huang, Daisy Dai Si, Li Xi Rui and Dilraba Dilmurat all of whom have worked with each other several times before. The four lovely ladies belong under Jaywalk Studio (better known as Yang Mi Studio) and even leaned in for a group photo to show some sisterly love.  
Li Xi Rui Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat and Li Xi Rui played inseparable friends in Pretty Li Hui Zhen while Maggie Huang and Daisy Dai Si are currently filming While We Are Still Young. Too bad their boss Yang Mi wasn’t there as well because that would have been even better. 
Maggie Huang Daisy Dai Si
Alan Yu Menglong also graced the event looking dapper in a suit, and if you weren’t thinking it before, I bet you’re thinking Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms now. Zhang Zhe Han opted for a simple formal shirt, which kind of matches his costume in Legend of Yun Xi where he’s also in black.  
Alan Yu Menglong Zhang Zhe Han
Li Qin and Tina Tang are the next pair on the red carpet. Both recently donned the ancient garb for their respective dramas that are talked about for their own reasons. Princess Agents was a huge hit and Advisors Alliance was highly-praised. 
Li Qin Tina Tang
Last but certainly not the least, Bella Hadid and Jolin Tsai seem to have become fast friends even though you won’t be able to tell from their intense stares. Bella Hadid actually wrote her very first weibo post on the same day and said, “Hello China!!! So happy to be here for the Bulgari Sisterhood Event with @JolinTsai @BVLGARI #sisterhood# See you sososo so soon!!! I can’t wait'”
Bella Hadid Jolin Tsai
Aside from giving us a glimpse of the actual event, Jaywalk Studio has released photos of the four ladies before the party. I just noticed that they’re all wearing the same shoes!
Yang Mi Studio
Dilraba Dlimurat
Dilraba Dlimurat
Daisy Dai Si
Daisy Dai Si
Li Xi Rui
Li Xi Rui
Maggie Huang
Maggie Huang
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