A stunning red carpet at the Bazaar Charity Night

 Red Carpet
Just a warning up that this is a very very long post. It’s probably why I don’t cover award shows, but it kept popping up on my newsfeed, so I started rummaging through the pretty pictures and here we are. 

 Red Carpet
Harper’s Bazaar China held their annual charity auction today (Asia time). It’s the fifteenth year that they’ve been holding the event, and stars have congregated once again in support of a good cause. It’s an extravagant evening with everyone dressed to the nines and rolling up in BMWs (which happens to be one of the sponsors). No judgment here, just glad to know that all the money raised will lead to something good. Without further ado, let’s get to star gazing.
Hu Bing Red Carpet
Hu Bing was one of the first on the red carpet as early as 2pm (I believe the auction was scheduled to start at 7pm). He’s been in villain roles lately with Ice Fantasy and Stairway to Stardom, but he’s also a model, singer and producer. 
Angela Zhang Red CarpetWu Chun Red Carpet
Angela Zhang and Wu Chun played a couple in the 2007 Taiwanese idol drama Romantic Princess. Wu Chun is married with a kid, so no to shipping them in real life but it’s nostalgic seeing them both.
Qiao Xin Red Carpet Leon Zhang
Qiao Xin and Leon Zhang who are currently working on their the new drama While We Are Still Young walked the red carpet with arms linked together. But my man Vin Zhang is alone. Dilraba Dilmurat, where art thou?  
Yang Xuwen Li Yi Tong Red Carpet
Seeing Yang Xu Wen and Li Yi Tong is like seeing Guo Jing and Huang Rong crossing over to the modern day. I wish they’d stand just a little closer, and that she’d chosen a different dress altogether… 
Ni Ni Jing Boran Red Carpet
Spotted Ni Ni and Jing Boran looking like a supermodel couple, the epitome of sophistication and elegance. By the way, they are dating in real life. 
Tina Tang Zhang Ruoyun Red Carpet
Tina Tang and Zhang Ruo Yun are naturally adorable in their first public appearance together since admitting their relationship
Fan Bing Bing Red Carpet
Fan Bing Bing walked without her beau, but shared the red carpet with Su Mang, the President of Harper’s Bazaar China. She’s also accompanied by Peng Xiao Ran and Guo Jing who are both talents of Fan Bing Bing Studio.
Luhan Red CarpetLay Zhang Yixing Red Carpet
Of course, I put Luhan and Lay next to each other ?. 
Tong Dawei Guan Yu Red Carpet
Jia Nailiang Li Xiao Lu Red Carpet
Married couples like Tong Dawei and Guan Yue, Jia Nai Liang and Li Xiao Lu went as each other’s dates. 
Ruby Lin Wallace Huo Red Carpet
Ruby Lin dazzles in a sparkling magenta gown next to an equally attractive Wallace Huo. The couple got married last year and welcomed their first baby in January. Ady An just got hitched this year to non-celebrity hubby Chen Rong Lian
Ady An Red Carpet
I’m not sure where Angelababy went because she definitely was present too, but her hubby Huang Xiaoming stands next to Li Bing Bing who also poses for a picture with Zhang Ziyi. That’s three huge stars right there!  
Huang Xiaoming Li Bing Bing  Red CarpetLi Bing Bing Zhang Ziyi Red Carpet
Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai had one of the bolder outfits of the night in a bright neon green minidress that completely covers the top, but reveals the bottom. 
Jolin Tsai Red Carpet
Ode to Joy ladies Jiang Xin and Olivia Wang opted for a simple black dress. 
Jiang Xin Red CarpetOlivia Wang Red Carpet
Liu Tao Qin Hai Lu
Liu Tao and Qin Hai Lu opted for something a little more extravagant. Yang Shuo got the memo and wore black too, but so did majority of the men. 
Yang Shuo Red Carpet
Woot! It’s Shawn Dou and Xing Zhaolin from Princess Agents. Yet why are we being deprived of Yuwen Yue even now?
 Red Carpet Shawn DouXing Zhaolin  Red Carpet
On to the ladies, it’s Zhao Li Ying who is none other than Princess Agents herself. 
 Red Carpet Zhao Li Ying
Yang Mi is stunning as always, decked from head to toe in an Oscar de la Renta gown, Michael Kors shoes, Piaget jewelry and a Gucci bag. 
Yang Mi Red Carpet
Jing Tian also dons a green Oscar de la Renta gown, which might be my favorite for the night. 
Jing Tian Red Carpet
I love Victoria Song, but not the blue thing that’s supposed to be her skirt. 
Victoria Song Red Carpet
Yao Chen who’s been a film actress in recent years foregoes the dress to wear a jumpsuit. 
 Red Carpet Yao Chen
Yang Zi and Ren Jialun arrived separately, but expect them to play a couple in the upcoming The Destiny of White Snake
Yang Zi Red Carpet
Ren Jialun Red Carpet
Next up are Michelle Chen and Jiang Jin Fu who were both in Legend of Qin. I doubt they color-coordinated on purpose, but it’s cute that they’re matching.  
Jiang Jin Fu Red Carpet Red Carpet Michelle Chen
Industry veterans Wu Xiu Bo and Carina Lau sure had the same idea to put on a pair of shades for the red carpet. Great minds think alike? 
 Red Carpet Wu Xiu Bo Red Carpet Carina Lau
Last but certainly not the least. Deng Chao rocks a red suit jacket and boots! If you made it this far, just know that there are more pictures that weren’t included, since it’s getting impossible to fit them all. Check out more pictures from the party uploaded on our facebook page
Deng Chao Red Carpet
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