On issues surrounding her and Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin responds, ‘Are you done…?’

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo controversy
Ruby Lin’s strongly-worded weibo post was in part to defend husband Wallace Huo and also to address the controversies from her 1998 drama My Fair Princess. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it, because the first one seems like a non-issue, and the second is ancient history. 
The couple recently attended the star-studded Bazaar Charity Night, but as they were at Beijing Airport the next day, Wallace Huo caught some paparazzi filming secretly and pointed at them to stop, and then he got hate from people who thought he was being rude. Oddly enough, he made the news for pointing at someone else last time too, which was uncharacteristic for Wallace Huo who was generally known for being a nice guy, so it was debatable whether he actually lost his cool or was simply asking for directions (see article). 

Ruby Lin Wallace Huo controversy
Ruby Lin writes on social media, “Are you done berating? Before closing the comment, let me say a few words,
1) If simply pointing at someone filming at the airport is wrong, then what about those who film without a care for privacy, they’re being protected now? 
2) Hoped that the good from My Fair Princess can always be there, so I didn’t want to comment much, but I never thought that it will be blown out of proportion to include affairs between the regions, to people with bad intentions please stop trying to rile up the netizens for no reason, the hearts of good people should be filled with peace. 
3) Old news being brought up again and distorted against me, it’s fine, the internet is that kind of place, it’s easy to slander a person, if dissing someone gives you a fruitful life, then go ahead, I won’t keep you company.  
4) My dear fans, you’ve had a difficult time with the truth being twisted for whatever reason, and for defending me who has remained silent. Going forward, we can stop for a bit, instead of being caught up in the smokes online, might as well return to reality and live well. Hope we can all be kind, raise our heads against the sunlight.” 
My Fair Princess



The My Fair Princess spat turns out to be between Ruby Lin and Zhou Jie. They were Zi Wei and Er Kang, a couple pairing that everyone fell in love with because of a show that everyone loved. After all, it was the show that also skyrocketed the careers of Vicki Zhao WeiAlec Su and Fan Bing BingApparently, it started when Ruby Lin went on the Taiwanese talk show Kangsi Coming (i think in 2004) wherein she revealed that during a kissing scene, Zhou Jie tried to french kiss her, but she refused. 
My Fair Princess
Fast forward to last week when Zhou Jie wrote a lengthy post to deny it. He says, “My friends have you considered, if I really forced my tongue on someone, why didn’t she stop it at the scene. Are the crew and director my relatives? Why years later, does she expose it on a show in their province? The reason is simple, she just didn’t think that after so many years, the internet would be so advanced that Mainland Chinese people would also see the show. They were just caught slandering a Mainland Chinese person, the saddest thing is us Mainland Chinese actually believe this and support them, is this sad or not? This became my fault too, all I can say is that, this Mainland Chinese really doesn’t deserve to film such a drama with such high class people……. “
Ruby Lin Zhou Jie Controversy MOVEEE
It’s telling how he also uploaded pictures of iconic landmarks in China, since he clearly seems to be trying to make this political given that Ruby Lin (actually Wallace Huo too) is from Taiwan, and relations between Taiwan and China have always been a touchy subject. 
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