“Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings” Holds Presscon

Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon
Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings 狄仁杰之四大天王 held a press conference in Beijing last Thursday, September 21 where they dropped a teaser trailer and announced that the movie will premiere on July 27, 2018.

Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon Mark Chao
Mark Chao (Eternal Love), Feng Shaofeng (The Starry Night The Starry Sea), Sandra Ma (Oh My General) and Lin Gengxin (Princess Agents) attended the event as the four main leads, accompanied by Director Tsui Hark, Screenwriter Zhang Jialu as well as Wang Zhong Lei and Chen Guo Fu from the production team.
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon Mark Chao Lin Gengxin
The three leading men starred in the 2013 movie Young Detective Dee, and it’s impressive how much things have changed since then especially for Mark Chao and Lin Gengxin who are coming off of their respective hit dramas this year and gaining attention for their enviable bromance. 
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon Feng Shaofeng
Maybe it’s really the Three Musketeers as Feng Shaofeng talks about avidly gaming together with Mark Chao and Lin Gengxin. The three reprise their roles as the original crime fighting trio, and according to Tsui Hark, they will face the biggest villain yet out of all the Detective Dee movies. 
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon Sandra Ma
Sandra Ma is the newest addition though her role has been a mystery so far. She was the only one excluded from the trailer, which led the host to jokingly ask if she’s even really in the movie. When asked about her character, she said, “I won’t say first because I found it pleasantly surprising, in the previous movies, the ladies were extraordinarily gorgeous and good-looking, so I was think that when I film this, I can definitely play the part too, who would have thought…” Lin Gengxin chimes in, “You can (see video).”
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon Lin Gengxin
She also dished out some gossip on Lin Gengxin, saying that during their college days, all of them liked Lin Gengxin. Ahem, it’s not hard to see why (see video).
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon
There was some bantering when Feng Shaofeng got jealous after hearing the story where Mark Chao rushed forward to save Sandra Ma who was about to faint at that time. Apparently, Mark didn’t move a muscle when it was Feng Shaofeng who was fainting to which Mark quickly explained that he did nothing because he thought Feng Shaofeng was joking (see video). Oy, I wonder what is going on set that they’re all fainting. 
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon
With all the things the the stars dished out, Tsui Hark made a comment that he just realized they’re all gaming on the set, to which Mark Chao from the audience waves his hands in denial saying, “No, no, no, no.” (see video)
Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon
Same thing happened when Sandra Ma was sharing that she never gamed while on the set. Lin Gengxin quickly jumped in to say that they didn’t either, they were all reading the script, causing Sandra Ma to rephrase and say that what she meant was after they have all gotten off work, she’ll hear sounds outside from Lin Gengxin who’ll be saying, “Teacher Zhao, kill, kill, kill, kill, attack, attack! Mark Chao will say, “I can’t hold the fort anymore, can’t hold it anymore.” Then she’ll think to herself, what’s this, oh these guys are playing (see video).
I think it’s great that there was so many amusing happenings while filming, but even more exciting that this movie brings together these four with renowned director Tsui Hark for another action-packed wuxia about Detective Dee. Save the date, it’s only… ten long months away ?.
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