Mao Zi Jun headlines a drama about a self-made man

Tian Sheng Meng Xiang Jia
Mao Zi Jun was irresistibly captivating even as a villain in Legend of Chusen. Then he appeared in even more dramas from Glory of Tang Dynasty to Legend of Dragon Pearl playing second fiddle to all the male leads, which is why I’m ecstatic to announce that he’s finally gets to take front and center in the drama Tian Sheng Meng Xiang Jia 天生夢想家 opposite Mou Xing
It technically isn’t he’s first time in a starring role, but it might as well be since the guy just doesn’t get enough time on the spotlight. Filming recently began in Jiangsu, and I’m expecting a lot of Mao Zi Jun scenes as the story focuses on his character who goes from a poor man to the head of a giant conglomerate. It’s bound to be a journey fraught with difficulties, but why else would we be watching if not for the drama that will ensue. Filming is expected to wrap in December and hopes to air next year. 

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