Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo (2017)

Live Up To Your Name Dr. Heo
After spending a solid three days binge watching this drama in order to catch up, I can officially call this my all time favourite medical drama with an interesting twist.

TvN’s Live up to Your Name Dr. Heo is about a renowned Oriental Acupuncture Doctor, Heo Im (Kim Nam Gil) living in Joseon who mysteriously finds himself in present, modern-day Seoul. He meets Choi Yeon Kyung (Kim Ah Joong) a Cardiac Surgeon who firmly believes in modern medicine and believes him to be a deranged man seeking attention.
Both Doctors have complicated pasts shrouded with death and sorrow, compelling them to pursue medicine respectively. They’ll learn about each other slowly, forming a friendship with someone not from their world, and creating a romance that defies time with a destiny intertwined.
Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo


Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo


The thing I love most about this drama is Heo Im’s fish out of water antics as he learns about new medical practices and needs to familiarize himself with technological advancements – it never gets old and has me laughing every time. Unlike most medical dramas, the thing that sets this drama apart are it’s time traveling elements, because it doesn’t stop at Heo Im travelling into the future but features our characters going back and forth between the past and present.
Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo
I also like the gradual build up of their relationship, where they grow to trust the other despite their doubts as Heo Im’s heart becomes hardened as he discovers that the modern world hasn’t rid itself of rank, greed, or deception; medical attention is considered a privilege only the rich can afford. The hard truth convinces him that despite the world changing, even a lowly servant from the past is mistreated in the present by those with power. He has to open his heart up to Yeon Kyung, who’ll teach him that every human life is worth something, even when others try to say otherwise.
Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo
That being said, the acting is on point, I have no complaints with these seasoned actors who know how to deliver a satisfying performance and I’m not going to lie, after Bride of the Water God spiralled into a subpar and mediocre drama, I’m quite through with ‘younger’ actors and idol actors for the meantime.
The drama does an excellent job at blending together a mix of genres that have been reused and recycled on multiple occasions but Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo is a drama that’s fresh and adds something new to the table when it comes to medical shows. Give this a try, you might like it even if you can’t handle blood and heart surgery…?
Live Up to Your Name Dr. Heo

Release Date: August 12, 2017


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