Line Walker (2014)

Line Walker TVB
After falling into a drama slump, I knew that I needed something different and really good to pull myself out, and I don’t mean to oversell this or anything, but I found just the thing that had me reliving my marathoning daysLine Walker 使徒行者 is a 31-episode Hong Kong crime thriller produced by TVB about a covert mission to find five undercover cops. 

Line Walker TVB Charmaine Sheh
Ting Siu Ka runs a massage parlor with her three moms and it’s a perfect cover for her real identity as a cop in charge of gathering intelligence. Her handler is murdered after he uncovers a huge conspiracy and on his deathbed, he leaves Cheuk Sir with the task of finding his five undercover cops since he had deleted their files in order to protect them. Thus begins a time-critical mission that can mean life and death for everyone involved. 
Line Walker TVB Raymond Lam
There are many storylines to follow as the plot revolves around Bao Seed, a bookie who simply wants to get ahead in the underworld and the interesting relationship that develops between him and Ting Siu Ka when she receives orders to get close to him. There’s also Kobe, a high-rolling businessman who was jailed for committing fraud, Yan, a cop who hates criminals with a passion and Foon Hei Gor, a cunning and ruthless old gangster with a cheerful demeanor. All of this happens as Cheuk Sir realizes that no one can be trusted. 
Michael Miu Line Walker TVB
Line Walker is my first TVB drama in years. They say it’s a classic, so even if you have never seen a TVB drama before, I think that starting with this one is a pretty safe bet. After all, it was good enough to earn a movie sequel that dominated the box office in 2016 and a prequel that premieres this month.
Line Walker TVB Benz Hui
For a story revolving around undercovers, it has all the plot twists that will keep you on your toes, and it’s exciting to see all the threads converging. While it is by no means perfect (is there such a thing as perfect?), it gives a nice balance of suspense, action and a fair share of corny sitcom situations to make up the lighter moments. 
Line Walker TVB Sharon Chan
I read that Line Walker was Raymond Lam’s farewell before leaving TVB and Charmaine Sheh’s comeback project. Michael Miu was amazing in Emergency Unit as well, so I wanted to watch this for the three of them, but ended up being so engrossed with the show that I was rooting for everyone. 
The cast stars Raymond Lam (Liu Shan Men), Michael Miu (Line Walker 2), Charmaine Sheh (Yanxi Strategy), Sharon Chan, Sammy SumElena Kong, Oscar Leung and finally, Benz Hui (Line Walker 2). 

Release Date: August 25, 2014 TVB

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