Li Yi Feng transforms into a clown for the movie “Animal World”

Animal World Li Yi Feng
I’m looking at  Li Yi Feng in a t-shirt and jeans, and then at the clown in the newly-unveiled poster for the movie Animal World 动物世界, and if no one had told me that it was him, I wouldn’t have known at all. He’s thankfully not the same clown from the horror flick It, but equally creepy and shrouded in mystery. 

Li Yi Feng Animal World
Michael Douglas Animal World
The movie which is adapted from the Japanese manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji stars Li Yi Feng and Michael Douglas, which is an unlikely pair to say the least. Everything about it seems unconventional and from what I gather, Li Yi Feng plays the main protagonist dressed in a clown costume as he enters a dangerous game that can mean life and death. 
The trailer is a literal welcome to the animal world with Michael Douglas saying, “Let the games begin.” The movie will hit theaters on June 29, 2018. 
Animal World Li Yi Feng
Animal World Li Yi Feng
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