King Is Not Easy (2017)

King Is Not Easy 大王不容易 is a Chinese webdrama set during the beginning of Western Zhou that follows the story of a wayward cook who enters the palace and inadvertently swaps bodies with the King. It’s a setup that already guarantees loads of hilarity when you consider that the high and mighty king not only has to deal with becoming a woman but also a lowly servant, while the feisty palace maid can do as she pleases with her newly-assumed identity.
The drama is produced by Yu Zheng who’s had his share of controversy over the years, but I feel like the premise is wholesome and mindless enough that any outrageous plot twists that he cooks up will fit right in. After all, webdramas are the perfect breeding ground for experimentation. The cast is made up of fresh young faces that include Zhang Yi Jie (The King of Blaze), Bai Lu (Monkey King 3) and Zhao Yi Qin

Release Date: August 30, 2017 Tencent QQ (two episodes every Wednesday and Thursday)
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