First stills of the movie “Eternal Wave” starring Aaron Kwok and Zhao Li Ying

Eternal Wave 2017 Chinese movie
It hasn’t been that long since Princess Agents ended, but it looks like Zhao Li Ying is going to be back in the spotlight very soon with her new movie expected to premiere before the end of the year. She plays a spy again, but it’s a role that’s probably more similar to her character in Rookie Agent Rouge in that she is a simple girl with a strong sense of justice.  

Eternal Wave Aaron Kwok
The movie brings her together with Aaron Kwok who goes underground to reestablish the spy network against the Japanese after the heavy losses from the Battle of Shanghai. The two have worked together before in Monkey King 3 though not as a couple. He’s over 50 while she’s under 30, but I doubt anyone’s complaining about being paired with a top superstar like Aaron Kwok who is like a Brad Pitt in these parts of the world, at least to me
Eternal Wave Zhao Li Ying
As it turns out, there’s more than one reunion in this movie as Zhang Han who was Zhao Li Ying’s leading man in Boss and Me plays second fiddle here. He is described as a devil and an angel. In the poster above, he points a gun at our heroes which makes him either an outright villain or a double agent. 

The rest of the cast include Zhang Lan Xin, Simon Yam (Legend of Dragon Pearl), Zhu Yi Long (Border Town Prodigal) and Yu Rong Guang (God of War Zhao Yun). 

Zhang Han
Eternal Wave Zhang Lan Xi


Eternal Wave

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