Stills from Chinese Spy Film “Eternal Wave”

Eternal Wave Aaron Kwok
Eternal Wave 密战 is a Chinese film set during the anti-Japanese occupation era starring Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying and Zhang HanIt follows the main protagonist Lin Xiang who is a spy working underground to reestablish what was destroyed ruing the Battle of Shanghai. He meets a simple yet patriotic young lady who becomes his partner as they infiltrate the enemy as a couple. Apart from that, they cross paths with Liang Dong, a man whose motives are unclear. 
Both Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han have played the Republican era spy in Rookie Agent Rouge and the upcoming drama Saker Falco respectively, so this one seems to fall right into place except on a much bigger scale. And really, Aaron Kwok is Aaron Kwok. The rest of the cast includes Zhang Lanxin, Simon Yam, Zhu Yi Long and Yu Xiao Guang

Release Date: November 3, 2017

Eternal Wave Zhao Li Ying
Eternal Wave Zhang Han
Eternal Wave  Zhang Lan Xin
Eternal Wave Simon Yam
Eternal Wave Zhu Yi Long
Yu Xiao Guang

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