Qin Jun Jie is a Wuxia Hero in “Dagger Mastery”

Dagger Mastery Qin Junjie
Dagger Mastery 神风刀 is a 30-episode Chinese wuxia based on an original screenplay by Yang Zheng Guang that follows five young heroes, each with a unique skill, as they forge their own paths during the Tang Dynasty.

Dagger Mastery Qin Jun Jie
The main protagonist is Shui Ge, a man born in the water.  He becomes the sole survivor after the massacre of his family and was taken under the tutelage of a powerful martial artist. He comes to the capital to start anew and becomes sworn brothers with four delinquents Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron. 
They consider themselves martial arts heroes, and also make lasting friendships with Sai Ma and Ah Bu Du from Persia. The young heroes willingly venture to the Northewestern region under the behest of Wang Yu Shi, not knowing that behind it is a sinister plan to finish the deed that left one survivor alive. 
Dagger Mastery Guan Xiaotong
It stars Qin Jun Jie (Summer’s Desire 2018), Guan Xiaotong (Xuan Yuan Sword), Song Yi (Entrepreneurial Age), Cao Jun (Descendants of the Dragon), Wang Chuang (Medical Examiner Dr. Qin) and Artemis Lou Jia Jie (Hot Girl). The cast looked like babies then, so cute and so young even though the drama was actually completed only three years ago.
The show seems to be showing signs of life as it has started updated its official weibo page by saying, “The long awaited Dagger Mastery is going to air soon! Little Dagger has been hungry for months, but can finally earn money and eat well ha ha, will be sharing tidbits on Dagger Mastery…” After seeing the trailerit looks and feels like a production from another time, the wuxia era that is beloved by many. I might have to check this out. More than a year later, they finally announce the premiere. 
Release Date: December 27, 2018 iQiYi
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Dagger Mastery Qin Jun Jie
Dagger Mastery
Dagger Mastery Qin Junjie
Dagger Mastery Artemis Lou Jia Yue
Dagger Mastery Song Yi
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