Character introductions: Secret of the Three Kingdoms

Character introductions: Secret of the Three Kingdoms
San Guo Ji Mi Ma Tianyu Poster


San Guo Ji Mi 三国机密 is quickly climbing up my watchlist of dramas for next year  (if it even airs next year). It’s rich in history, full of striking visuals and brings along a very good-looking cast. If you thought that Ma Tianyu was princely in Ice Fantasy, he’s going to be majestic as a King. 
Ma Tianyu as Liu Xie / Li Ping, the King of Han. Wrapped in glorious robes, he carries the grace of a monarch and holds firm in his beliefs in spite of the uphill battle that he faces inside the palace where the struggle for power is a deadly game to play.

San Guo Ji Mi Poster Elvis Han
Elvis Han as Si Ma Yi, Liu Ping’s friend. He is shrewd, unpredictable and also bears the look of an eagle. He plays an integral role in the political power play during the Three Kingdoms era.
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Wan Qian
Wan Qian as Fu Shou, the Queen of Han. She is calm under pressure, regal yet authoritative. She has a boldness and decisiveness that can rival any man. Despite being a woman of the inner palace, she plays a major role in upholding the Han rule. 
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Dong Jie
Dong Jie as Tang Ying, the wife of the previous Emperor of Han. She possesses an incredible skill that matches her icy personality. She is Concubine Hua in front of others but behind closed doors she is a an assassin. She gets into a beautiful yet tragic romance with Si Ma Yi. As a woman of her position, it is her duty to protect Han. 
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Sunny Wang
Sunny Wang as Guo Jia, a strategist with a ghostly talent. He is gallant, untamed and a deep thinker with many tricks up his sleeve.
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Dong Xuan
Dong Xuan as Ren Hong Chang (Diao Chan), a complicated woman. Her beauty is her weapon and she has won many battles because of it, which seems fitting for a woman who is known to this day as the one of the four beauties of Ancient China. 
She functions on her own moral compass that can be skewed to her benefit, but she is ultimately a force to be reckoned with. She and Guo Jia form a relationship that stems from using each other to truly supporting one another. 
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Tan Jian Ci
Tan Jian Ci as Cao Pi, the son of Cao Cao. He carries a bloodied sword and has a piercing stare that reveals his determination and ambition. In spite of his young age, he is a black-bellied character. 
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Tse Kwan Ho
Tse Kwan Ho as Cao Cao, a powerful ruler with an imposing presence. He is a historical figure known throughout history for his accomplishments during the Three Kingdoms era.
San Guo Ji Mi Poster Wang Yu Wen
Wang Yu Wen as Cao Jie, the daughter of Cao Cao. She is well-versed in matters of intellect and also martial arts and lives up to the expectations of being a general’s daughter. On top of that, she is a stunning beauty. 


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