Character introductions: Legend of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors

Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has all the makings of an epic historical drama with its heavily ornamented costumes and vibrant color palette. Don’t let it fool you though, because this tells a story that is literally out of this world as it brings science fiction elements (aka aliens) into ancient China.

Wang Likun as Liao Qian Qian / Nie Wu Shuang. She is the youngest daughter of a noble family from Qi State and was married to Gu Qing Hong. However, her clan meets its demise leaving only her as the sole survivor. She gets saved by a Liang Prince and ends up marrying into the inner courts of Liang State, changing her identity to become Nie Wu Shuang. 
Joe Cheng as Xiao Feng Qing, the younger brother of the Liang King. He is the fifth prince and the son of a human King and a mother who is actually an alien that came to earth a thousand years ago.  
Allen Ting as Xiao Feng Ming
Allen Ting as Xiao Feng Ming, the King of Liang. He was the third son of the previous King and his birth mother was a servant. Back then, Concubine Jing faked her pregnancy and took him as her son in her quest for power.

Bai Bing as Gao Yan, a Princess and the younger sister of Gao Yang who is the King of Qi. She is obsessed with Gu Qing Hong and will resort to any means to have him even though he is married to Liao Qian Qian. After seeing through her lies, Gu Qing Hong leaves her and she ends up marrying into the Liang State as Concubine De, fully determined to destroy Liao Qian Qian once and for all. 

Zhang Xiao Long as Gu Qing Hong. He used to be known as Xie Cheng Xuan, the eldest son from a noble family. He was also Liao Qian Qian’s previous husband. However, he became the chancellor of Qi State and was involved with Gao Yan who plotted to have him by her side. 
Jiang Hong Bo as Queen Dowager Gao, formerly Concubine Jing. She has amassed much power in the courts through the years. She is the birth mother of Xiao Feng Ming in name, but she also has two daughters of her own – Xiao Yun An and Xiao Yun Le. 
Lang Ye Ting as Queen Xiao of Liang. She hails from a family of officials that no longer has much influence, but she is still the mother of the first son of the King. 

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