Wang Kai receives a food truck from Ma Tianyu, then gets reported by him

Ma Tianyu food truck Wang Kai
On Aug 29, Wang Kai posted on weibo, “Received your good intentions. Don’t overexert yourself next time.” The message was a thank you to the food truck that Ma Tianyu sent to their filming location, but aside from uploading the pictures of the food truck and themselves, Wang Kai also threw in a snippet of their private chat wherein Ma Tianyu says, “I don’t like to owe people gratitude, even at the expense of having to borrow money because I have no money, I still need to save face.” 

Ma Tianyu food truck Wang Kai
Ma Tianyu food truck Wang Kai
In response to Wang Kai telling the whole world about his ‘financial woes,’ Ma Tianyu leaves a comment to declare that he has flagged Wang Kai’s weibo post as inappropriate, citing invasion of privacy as he says, “He knows that I have no money, but still puts in on weibo! Do I not care about reputation!!!”
Ma Tianyu food truck Wang Kai


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