Upcoming Dramas and Movies Sep 2017

So bottomline is, there are no shows this month? I only have these two for September and one of them is not even confirmed ?. Please check back for updates as the list will surely grow longer ones more premieres are announced.

Delicious Destiny Chinese drama


Delicious Destiny (Sep 11 Hunan TV)

A love story between an executive chef and the director of a culinary show as they clash and bond over a common love for food. Starring Mike D’Angelo and Rachel Mao Xiaotong.

The Big Boss (Sep 8 Tencent QQ)
The new class president clashes with her ‘mortal’ enemy which makes for many hilarious situations in highschool. Starring Eleanor Lee and Huang Jun Jie.

Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool (Sep 10 Zhejiang TV, Tencent QQ)
A woman who grew up ostracised by her family becomes cold and withdrawn. However, upon her return, she realizes that there is a person who was always beside her. Starring Olivia Wang and Jia Nai Liang.  

Line Walker The Prelude
Line Walker: The Prelude (Sep 18 Tencent QQ)

The prequel brings the story back to the beginnings of Cheuk Sir and Foon-Hei Gor. Cheuk Sir is on a mission to figure out the identities of the undercover cops while Foon-Hei starts on a path of no return. Starring Michael Miu and Benz Hui. 

A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity (Sep 28 LeTV, Mango TV, Tencent QQ, iQiYi)

Zi Xia travels five hundred years later in search of the love of her life but finds that he no longer has any memories of his past life. That plus the fact that he is actually the Monkey King himself. Starring Huang Zitao and Yin Zheng. 

Sky Hunter (Sep 30 Sep 29) –> Movie

An action blockbuster about an elite air force defending national interests against terrorists. Starring Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen. 

The Liquidator
The Liquidator (Sep 30) –> Movie

A genius criminal profiler works with the police to uncover a series of brutal cases that seem to be connected to the City Lights. Starring Deng Chao, Ethan Ruan, Cecilia Liu and Karena Lam. 

Youth (Sep 30) –> Movie

A story celebrating history and art through the lives of a military troupe. Starring Huang Xuan. 

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