Tong Tian Detective Dee (2017)

Tong Tian Detective Dee Ren Jialun
Tong Tian Detective Dee 通天狄仁杰 is a 46-episode Chinese wuxia that follows the story of young Detective Dee, a Chinese equivalent to Sherlock Holmes, except Di Ren Jie was an actual person who lived during the reign of Empress Wu Ze Tian. His story has been widely fictionalized as a series of detective mysteries told and retold in pop culture. 

During the Tang Dynasty, Yan Li Ben encounters a young Di Ren Jie who is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and discovers that he has a talent for solving cases. He saves Di Ren Jie and brings him along to Gan Ye Temple where he meets Wu Mei Niang, the future Wu Ze Tian. Di Ren Jie is then able to rise to the occasion and gains recognition as a godly detective. Along the way, he encounters a plot to overthrow the current regime and must do what he can to expose those who are involved though it might also include Murong Qing, the woman that he loves.  

Tong Tian Detective Dee Chinese wuxia


The cast is led by Ren Jialun (The Destiny of the White Snake) and Kan Qing Zi (A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2) and also includes Jiao Jun Yan (Medical Examiner Qin), Li Ruo Jia (Princess Agents), Andy Chen Yi (Princess of Lanling King), Miao Jun JieBai Bing, etc.

The lack of big names is probably why the show which has been completed for a while has simply faded into the background though it’s inspiring to see that its stars are slowly making gaining recognition through other projects. The show’s official weibo which hasn’t posted a single thing since April 2015 seems to have all but given up on promotions, but hey, it’s been suddenly shoved into a timeslot now to replace Legend of the Dragon Pearl
Release Date: August 21, 2017 Beijing TV, Anhui TV, iQiYi and Mango TV (two episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 10 pm)

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Ren Jialun


Ren Jialun Detective Dee
Kan Qing Zi Tong Tian Detective Dee
Kan Qing Zi Detective Dee
Jiao Jun Yan Tong Tian Detective Dee
Jiao Jun Yan Tong Tian Detective Dee
Li Ruo Jia Tong Tian Detective Dee
Andy Chen Yi Tong Tian Detective Dee
Andy Chen Yi Tong Tian Detective Dee
Miao Jun Jie Detective Dee
Bai Bing Tong Tian Detective Dee
Li Jin Rong Tong Tian Detective Dee
Wang Yu
Guo Xiaodong Tong Tian Detective Dee
Li Qian Tong Tian Detective Dee
Guan Xue Ying Tong Tian Detective Dee


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