The 2015 hit drama “Journey of Flower” will be made into a movie

Journey of Flower
The internet is buzzing with news of a Journey of Flower 花千骨 movie along with rumors that the coveted role of Hua Qian Gu that was originally popularized by Zhao Li Ying could fall on the shoulders of either Angelababy, Dilraba Dilmurat or Guan Xiaotong

Chinese news site Sina has reached out to the production team behind the 2015 hit drama which also retains the rights to the movie. According to them, the movie is still in the early planning stages and no casting decisions have been made (hence, the rumored names seem to be just rumors). Producer Tang Li Jun has also said that the regrets from the drama will be addressed through the movie. 

Considering how successful the drama was, it’s practically a given that there will be a push for the original cast with Wallace Huo and Zhao Li Ying as the leads. I’m not sure how likely it is, but hopefully, they make it work. 

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