“Sword of Legend 2” stars Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er get married

Sword of Legends 2 Fu Xin Bo Ying Er
On Aug 24, Fu Xin Bo posted of a himself with Ying Er captioned, “I give us to time. I give myself to you……. @YingEr.” She responds, “So good to have you.” Their simple message finally confirms the dating speculations that the two are indeed a couple, and it’s a sweet reveal since the they already had amazing chemistry to begin with. 
They ‘acted’ as a couple during season three of the Chinese variety show Perhaps Love in 2016 and were reunited as the titular couple for the upcoming Sword of Legends 2. Not long after their announcement, the rumor mill is now going on about how they are married and expecting. 
There are pictures of them on the street, face masks on and holding up an umbrella like any ordinary couple as they headed to Xian Courthouse to register their marriage. They seem like a very low-key couple, but also very much in love. Congrats to them!

Fu Xin Bo Ying Er married

Fu Xin Bo Ying Er married
Fu Xin Bo Ying Er married
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