Drama Review: The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love Chinese webdrama
After the waterfall fest that was Queen for Seven Days, I knew I had to find myself a cute romantic comedy to watch and then I happened upon The Eternal Love 双世宠妃. It’s based off a Chinese online novel (Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce written by Fan Queand these type of productions can either be a great adaptation or be completely different from it’s novel counterpart *cough cough Princess WY cough cough*. Anyway, choosing this drama might have been one of the best choices I’ve made in my drama watching lifetime!

Plot Summary: A girl from modern times, Qu Xiao Tan (played by Liang Jie), ends up in the body of a young lady, Qu Tan Er, from a noble family during the Dong Yue dynasty times. But the twist is that the soul of the young lady is still inside her body so now there are two souls in one body! They gain control at seemingly random moments but eventually learn to control it and work together to encounter everything that comes their way.

Oh, how could I forget about a black bellied prince, Mo Lian Cheng (played by Xing Zhao Lin), that the young lady happens to have an arranged marriage with? Cold and aloft at first but eventually they fall in love.

Conflicts of interest arise though because inside Qu Tan Er’s heart, there’s still the Eldest Prince while Qu Xiao Tan slowly falls for Lian Cheng. Not to mention there are many evil forces out there after Xiao Tan/Tan Er’s life.
Rating: Must-Watch (10/5)?
Would watch again (If I didn’t have a whole list of dramas to also watch). It’s a simple drama to digest. There’s no overly complicated storyline to keep track of or any need to have a log of how many side characters there are. It’s very basic in its presentation of the story which is one of the qualities that makes it shine! I will definitely re-watch it though for the cute romantic moments between the two leads. I enjoyed how they slowly fell in love rather than it being super abrupt.

Also in my experience of reading online translations of Chinese web novels, cold and aloft male leads tend to not warm up to the female leads this quickly so it was exciting to see Lian Cheng lay the moves so quickly on Xiao Tan ?.

All their scenes together just further cemented how in love they were with each other and how they always had each other’s back no matter what. I was watching that going “Man that’s what true love looks like!”. Their chemistry was off the charts and it was so much fun to watch them interact with each other.
The Eternal Love web drama Review

I first off have to commend the actress for portraying two different personalities so well! One was gentle and demure while the other one was brass and loud about everything. Liang Jie did a great job and I hope to see more of her works in the future! To be honest, out of all the actors in this drama, I felt that she did the best job of portraying her character! She captured the emotions of each scene perfectly. Her character let nobody step on her! Which is one of the main reasons it made watching this drama sooo enjoyable!

Did anyone else recognize Yue Qi from Princess Agents? I sure did! His character was really wasted in that drama…Glad he got to lead this drama!

He plays a black bellied prince and he nails the character 110%. A few times I’ve caught his vision looking a bit like he was dazed, so not quite looking at Tan Er when speaking but hey, that’s just me being picky.

Can’t wait to see his modern dramas cuz I’m sure he would look super cute with his 6’2” frame and bangs as part of his hairstyle.

Of course there were scenes were you couldn’t help but yell in anguish about the decisions some characters made but for the most part I was laughing at the hilariousness of each episode.

Also, I’ve noticed that the show enjoys getting rid of annoying aka evil characters in a swift fashion. So fast, not even that speedster Elder Liu can catch up. Later on, the drama began to digress into the magical arts part of the plot which wasn’t really that interesting to watch (in my opinion) but hey, whatever gets me their happy ending, I’m a happy viewer.

If you want to laugh while watching a not-so-typical time-travel rom-com drama then this is what you should watch! Also watch out for season 2 because there are rumors that it’ll be featuring them in modern times! Currently, I have entered drama withdrawal and cannot bear to close the tab of episode 24?…Maybe I’ll watch it again (link to viki)! 

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