Panda Impressions #4: Forest of Secrets & Bride of the Water God

Panda Impressions
Hi guys, please welcome Deb who will contributing to this little corner where we talk dramas and rant. She’s also the awesome lady writing a lot of the K-drama introductions here, so she will be covering mainly K-dramas and who knows, maybe a C-drama down the line (ahem, she’s a fan of Liu Shishi).
Yes! I’m totally a fan of Liu Shishi but it’s time for a moment of honesty to talk about the dramas I’m actually watching. I didn’t have extremely high expectations for either of them although, I’ll admit to have anticipated Bride of the Water God since it was announced to be turned into a drama. I’ve covered quite a few dramas this summer but I’ve dropped many and watched a few from beginning to end.

So here’s a little insider look at the dramas I’m currently seeing!

Forest of Secrets

Forest of Secrets

This isn’t for anyone with a fickle heart – If I had to sum up this drama it would be intelligent. This drama is on a whole other level. The writing is nothing but impressive while the acting and directing is of high caliber. 
The layers and intricate plot still amazes me, no matter how many episodes I watch, I’m left raising my eyebrows questioningly because the plot only thickens as more corruption and crime is revealed, yet still manages to connect the dots. Cho Seung Woo has literally left me speechless with his performance here, the rare moments of emotion rupturing through him is just phenomenal. And our female Detective is such a lovable and incredible character as well that I’m sad it’s all over! I have never been so satisfied with a drama from beginning to end – it’s truly impressive. 

It’s sleek, executed extremely well, and delivers in every category. 
If you’re looking for a drama that makes you think then Forest of Secrets is the drama for you. I’ve been hooked and this was my official weekend drama that satisfied the law-geek in me who likes a drama all about humanity and what it means to strive for truth and justice. Some even call it the best thing airing on TV right now and I can’t say I disagree – it’s definitely one of my top dramas of 2017 with one of the best script writers out there.

Bride of the Water God

Bride of the Water God

With a decent premiere, Bride of the Water God can only be described as being solid from the get-go. I like it, I like it a lot in fact, despite the skepticism and mixed feelings in regards to this. I have faith in the writer even if the mythology aspects of it are messy and delivered in cryptic ways, but frankly I could stare at Nam Joo Hyuk’s face for hours and never get bored – he is just far too attractive in this. And a jealous Habaek is one of the cutest things ever!
On a more serious note, I like how the female lead doesn’t fall head over heels for the water god – she doesn’t see hearts, stars, or rainbows immediately and it’s a romantic relationship that’s gradually building off of trust and commodore. Shin Se Kyung hasn’t disappointed me with her performance here and the chemistry between the leads has me sold. 

I’m sticking it out till the very end no matter what anyone says! It’s officially my go-to drama for Monday and Tuesday!

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