Latest on the upcoming Chinese drama “Cao Cao”

Cao Cao c-drama
There are some recent developments regarding Tianyi Media’s epic Chinese drama Cao Cao. It is confirmed that the title character will be played by Jiang Wen, whose filming credits include Zhang Yimou‘s film Red Sorghum and the recent Stars Wars film Rogue Once: A Star Wars Story. He co-starred in the film, playing Baze Malbus.
In light of the latest news that the series has secured a broadcasting network to air the drama, Tianyi Media issued a press release to set the record straight. Tianyi clarified that it is still currently in talks with different TV networks, and no decision has been made yet on where the drama will air. Cao Cao has reserved the right to sue over this false news. It is expected to begin filming in the first half of 2018, with a huge investment of 700 million Chinese yuan.
For those unaware, Cao Cao is an actual historical figure from history, a Chinese general during the Han dynasty who made great military achievements and eventually rose to the position of Chancellor to the King. After the fall of the Han dynasty, Cao Cao’s son established the Wei dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period and recognized his father as Emperor Wu of Wei. 

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