How the August webdramas are faring in terms of online views

Rakshasa Street online viewership ratings

Jiro Wang and An Yuexi’s Rakshasa Street which started its run in the beginning of the month was the first premiere out of the bunch. It has the highest numbers thus far, reaching 1 billion views on Youku now that the show has aired a little more than half of the entire series. Nonetheless, its headstart is not the only reason that the show is doing well as it has already hit 300 million views within its first week.

Rakshasa Street online viewership ratings
lET’s Shake It premiered less than a week after Rakshasa Street. What’s interesting is that it is also headlined by An Yuexi who takes fantasy to another level by playing a UFO opposite rising actor Zheng Ye Cheng. It’s not pulling in the greatest numbers, but it has a wacky premise that manages to stand out on its own, hitting 500 million views on Youku as of yesterday. 
Perhaps the most successful one so far is the highly-anticipated Monster Killer 2 that brings back the demon-hunting gang led by Elvis Han. The show hit 100 million within the first 30 minutes and seems to be adding a hundred million views per day to hit 400 million accumulated views on Sohu and Tencent QQ by the fourth day of its premiere. To think that it’s only on its first week!  
Monster Killer 2  online viewership ratings
To see how these numbers stack up against network dramas, The King’s Woman which received a lot of hype due to the pairing between Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang has also earned 400 million views on Youku as of today (it is also on its first week). It’s a strong showing that is comparable to Monster Killer 2 though the numbers aren’t rising quite as fast. Nonetheless, it is a network drama which should explain why views would be split amongst people watching TV and online.    
The King
Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of the Han Clouds which stars Leon Zhang, Guan Xiaotong and the rest of the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms alumni like Alan Yu Menglong, Vengo Gao and Daisy Dai Si airs on another channel that is in direct competition with The King’s WomanIts online views just hit 300 million on iQiYi this week and to put this to perspective, it really isn’t all that great considering that the show has been airing for two weeks already (it premiered a day later than lET’s Shake It). 
Xuan Yuan Sword: The Legend of Han Clouds online viewership ratings


At the end of the day, numbers are still just numbers, and I’m going to stick with my current fave. 
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