First stills for God of Lost Fantasy starring Olivia Wang and Peter Sheng

Olivia Wang God of Lost Fantasy
It looks like we’re getting a name change from Swire God to God of Lost Fantasy. I’ll be sticking with the old title until I can be sure that the new one sticks because even though I tend to associate swire with swine, the word just adds a mystery that makes it the better sounding one of the two (though it could be because I had to google what it meant). ?   

That aside, did anyone else take a while to recognize Olivia Wang in her first Chinese fantasy drama. She’s so different in traditional garb, long hair and makeup that I can’t help but feel like the modern day suits her better. Peter Sheng Yilun seems as stoic as his role requires which doesn’t really reveal much about the story. However, stills will be stills, and I suppose we’ll have to wait for the premiere to find out more. God of Lost Fantasy also gives a glimpse of the rest of the cast that includes Jacky Heung, Tang Jing Mei, Chen Meng Qi and Chen Meng Yao

Peter Sheng Yi Lun God of Lost Fantasy
 God of Lost Fantasy couple
Swire God
Swire God
Swire God
Swire God
Swire God



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