Character introductions: While We Are Still Young

We Are Still Young Chinese drama
The upcoming Chinese drama While We Are Still Young 趁我们还年轻 started filming today in Beijing and it follows a popular theme that focuses on the youth and their early struggles in the workplace. Woot! I really like everyone in the cast so far, even though it bothers me that they all five of them add up to an odd number. Does it mean that someone will be left out for sure? Because at the very least, I hope that Maggie Huang gets a shot at love. Please give her a chance!

We Are Still Young Chinese drama
Leon Zhang Yunlong as Fan Shu Chen, the team lead for a public relations company called Feilin. He is an idol-like presence in the workplace because there is nothing that he cannot do. He is good-looking, well-to-do and accomplished, but his story is not all roses. He had a lonely childhood for always being left alone at home by his diplomat parents.
We Are Still Young Chinese drama


Qiao Xin as Lin Zi Yu, the best intern at Feilin. She’s the type of girl who is always ready to help those around her with no complaints, but it doesn’t mean that she is weak because she is someone who speaks her mind. Her sunny personality is easy to like, but she brings some baggage due to a complicated family background.  
We Are Still Young Chinese drama Liu Rui Lin
Liu Rui Lin as Shi Wei Cong. He lives by the motto to live off his parents at home and to depend on his friends outside. He is far from the model employee that any boss would want, but he is always the most popular at Feilin. He doesn’t care about his reputation and can be a tad unreliable, but he is loyal and always fun to be around. He is also a person gifted with endless creativity. Even though everybody loves him, his mom is the reason why he hasn’t been able to get married. 
We Are Still Young Chinese drama
Maggie Huang as Ji Xuan Li, an expert fashionista who definitely knows her stuff when it comes to skincare and makeup and has impeccable taste in clothes. However, she feels that she has nothing to offer other than her beauty and considers herself to be a loser in love because she doesn’t love the person that loves her and can’t hold on to the person that she loves. To most people, she is great at networking and has the ability to gain access to any kind of information, but to friends, she is sensitive, conflicted and insecure. 
We Are Still Young Chinese drama
Daisy Dai Si as Li Yang Yang, the chief editor for a sports magazine. She is someone who is extremely determined and dedicated to her work. Whenever she recalls the days when she first came to Beijing, it gives her the drive to pull that much more all-nighters. She is different from other editors because she is always on the frontline of news just like the people who work under her. She has no time for love or flings and has all but given up. However, two men start pursuing her, introducing romance into her life. 


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