Character introductions: Monster Killer 2

Character introductions: Monster Killer 2
Monster Killer 2 Elvis Han


There’s something about seeing the old cast back together that brings on the warm and fuzzies and no, Monster Killer 无心法师第二部 is not that kind of show, but a supernatural one filled with monsters and dark creatures. The sequel seems to be big on reincarnation except for the role of the heroine that will see another actress filling the shoes of Gina Jin Chen.
Elvis Han as Wu Xin, a man who can never die. Twenty years have passed and he goes from a rural village to the majestic sights of Shanghai Bund. He brings along a little white snake (the animal form of his longtime friend Bai Liu Li) and a young lady who has experienced many hardships. He doesn’t have any recollection of the past, but he feels a sense of familiarity that the people around him are people that he has met before.

Monster Killer 2 Sebrina Chen Yao
Sebrina Chen Yao as Xiao Ding Mao, the adopted son of a Shanghai ganglord. He is androgynous in appearance and acts in a way that is wise beyond his years. 
Monster Killer 2 Li Landi
Li Lan Di as Su Tao, a 15-year-old girl. She meets Wu Xin in a troubling world and falls n love with him. He cares for her deeply in turn but cannot seem to reciprocate her romantic feelings. 
Monster Killer 2 Alan Wang Yanlin
Ian Wang Yanlin as Gu Ji, the son of General Gu. He looks exactly like his father but lives a completely different life. 
Monster Killer 2 Mike D
Mike D’Angelo as Bai Liu Li, Wu Xin’s closest and most loyal friend. His identity is a mystery and he is gifted with incredible powers. He is always around to guard Wu Xin whenever he falls into a deep slumber and stays with him until he wakes. 
Monster Killer 2
Gao Tai Yu as Bai Chuanlin, a Japanese onmyoji (yin yang shi). He is a mysterious man who hides secrets behind his smile. 
Monster Killer 2
Wang Yi Nuo as Ding Xiao Tian, the subordinate of Ding Xiao Mao. She is simple and kind and becomes romantically involved with Gu Ji. 

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