Character introductions: Delicious Destiny

Character introductions: Delicious Destiny
Delicious Destiny Chinese drama
We’ve got mostly one liners making up the character descriptions for Delicious Destiny 美味奇缘, but it’s enough to give us a hint that this romance drama is not all light and fluffy. I’m still expecting a generous amount of food porn, but revenge seems to be on the menu as well. Or maybe it isn’t, there’s just not enough info to go on though I am admittedly a little more curious than before. 

Delicious Destiny Michael D
Mike D’Angelo as Li Yu Zhe, an executive chef at a Western restaurant. 
Delicious Destiny Mao Xiao Tong
Rachel Mao Xiaotong as Song Jia Ming, a screenwriter and director for a culinary show. She is bright, sunny and perseveres towards her dreams. No matter how many ups and downs she faces in love and life, there is nothing that can defeat her. 
Delicious Destiny Zhang Yu Jian
Zhang Yu Jian as Zhao Han. He looks warm and gentle on the outside, but inside is a man tortured by a thirst for vengeance. However, he holds on to his feelings for Ye Yi Lan and silently stands by her side. 
Delicious Destiny Chen Xin Yu
Chen Xinyu as Ye Yi Lan, a childhood friend of the male lead. She is hesitant when it comes to love, and she has no problems playing foul when she needs to. 
Delicious Destiny
Alen Fang Yilun as Ye Yi Xuan, Ye Yi Lan’s brother. 
Delicious Destiny
Joy Sheng Lang Xi as Li Yu Xi. 


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