C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Aug 7)

C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Aug 7)
Poster My Mr. Mermaid
My Mr. Mermaid is the only show to break 1.0% in ratings though it barely made the cut and has fallen back to 0.7% since then. Competition has been sparse with the bevy of nationalistic shows playing within the same range and the recently-premiered For My Love falling into pace with the rest.
Even so, My Mr. Mermaid may be worth a second look just because it’s a non-primetime show that has managed to place first in TV (albeit short-lived) and web rankings. It has also beaten out Lost Love in Times on the one day where both shows overlap which is good for its youthful cast but unfortunate for the latter that has yet to become the hit that everyone expected it to be.

A Life Time Love seems to have suffered the same fate as it finale’d to a low of 0.491%. Xuan Yuan Sword premiered the next day to slightly higher numbers of 0.640%. On the celeb front, Jacky Wu Jing who has been reaping the rewards of his blockbuster movie has made it to the top ten for the second week in a row which is a testament to the astounding success of Wolf Warriors 2. 

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The above are mostly primetime shows that air at 19:30 while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Rankings are overall rankings across the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time.

Top Dramas (7-day)
1. My Mr. Mermaid
2. Anti-Terrorism Special Forces II
3. Lost Love in Times
4. The First Half of My Life 
5. The Eternal Love 
6. Princess Agents
7. Deepwater Forces
8. Rakshasa Street
9. Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave
10. For Our Love

Top Celebrities (7-day)
1. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying
2. Jacky Wu Jing
3. Cecilia Liu Shishi
4. Kenny Lin Gengxin
5. William Chan
6. Yang Mi
7. Dilraba Dilmurat
8. Yang Yang
9. Tan Song Yun
10. Jin Dong

*The top ten rankings are sourced from Vlinkage. **View count is based on the nine streaming sites (Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, QQ Tencent, LeTV, PPTV, Xunlei, Sohu, Mango) *** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc

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Source: Vlinkage


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