Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng caught dating?

Zhao Li Ying Feng Shao Feng Dating
On July 9, media outlets were in a frenzy to report that Zhao Li Ying was seen going out to eat with a mystery man driving a luxury car in Shanghai and that they were wearing matchy matchy jackets too. Further snooping points to the car’s registered owner as Feng Shao Feng and that the man in the pictures is in fact none other than the actor himself. 

Really though, it’s impossible to know for sure since he is literally covered from head to toe, though I have to admit, the Chinese paparazzi does have a knack for such things. Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng have collaborated before and will surely have more promotions to do for their upcoming movie Monkey King 3. Furthermore, they are also confirmed to star in the costume drama Legend of the Concubine Ming Lan, so true or not, we can expect to see more of them together.

Update: Sorry to burst the bubble so soon, but ZLY’s staff denied the rumors and explained that the actress was filming a commercial on that day. 

Source: Sina, Sohu


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