“Princess Agents” hits new ratings highs

“Princess Agents” hits new ratings highs
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It’s a good week to be watching Princess Agents 楚乔传 as all the build up from previous weeks culminate into the most epic moments – some tragic, some shocking and and some utterly satisfying. The show had a great run as it settled into the 2.0 territory in CSM ratings and breaks 3.0 in another nationwide metric to reach a high of 3.16%. It is being dubbed as the first drama for its timeslot to rank number one in the ratings game within the last two years and also the first to hit over 30 billion views while still on the air. Impressed yet? 
Warning: There will be spoilers till episode 48. 

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The counter-attack finally begins now that Yan Xun breaks away from the clutches of Wei to embark on his bloody rebellion. His downward spiral is telling and warranted, but still heartbreaking to see that the last shreds of the hero that he once was are slowly being erased by circumstance. Yan Xun doesn’t really seem all that evil and I’m going to miss the good guy in him once it’s gone. The Xiu Li Army are left for dead but rescued by Chu Qiao who rushes to save the men whose lives she vouched for. It’s a powerful scene made a hundred times better by the death of a certain Yuwen Huai at long last
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It’s too bad that the death of the baddies are replaced with the new crazies who all habor an irrational hatred for Chu Qiao. With the descent of Princess Chun and Concubine Lan into villainhood, there are lesser allies for our favorite heroes and a very difficult battle ahead. I didn’t care much for the spoiled Princess when she was nice, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to hate her now whereas Concubine Lan is just a can of worms I can’t even begin to fathom. Why does she hate Chu Qiao again? 
Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue have yet to make up as usual, and it’s a pity that I barely see Yuwen Yue anymore but regardless of the flaws, this is one show that is big on the emotional highs. I don’t know what next week entails, but I think it’s gonna be good (see preview).
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