Park Bo Gum up for the k-drama adaptation of “Journey to the West”

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Park Bo Gum


When I said that I was Monkey King’d out, I guess I didn’t really mean it because this one is so out of the box that I would gladly tune in to watch.  The Hong sisters are working on their latest k-drama Hwayugi, which is a modern-day fantasy romance very loosely inspired by the classic tale of Journey to the West for obvious reasons.
In fact, the Chinese translation for Journey to the West is Xi You Ji, so what they’re doing here is dropping West from the title and replacing it with Flower. I’m just gonna take it to mean that a flower boy is on his way to become the Monkey King and it is awesome. Park Bo Gum does have that look of mischief that would be perfect for the part, so I kind of knew what role he was up for even before reading up on it. 
His management company has released a statement saying that the actor has been offered the role and that he is considering it along with other projects. Meanwhile, Cha Seung Won is up for the role of the Bull Demon King. 
Hwayugi is expected to air the latter part of the year on tvN. 
Source: Sina


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