First Impressions: Lost Love in Times

First Impressions Lost Love in Times


Lost Love in Times could have been another Scarlet Heart or the next Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I was looking forward to it for the longest time which is why it’s all the more disappointing when such a highly-anticipated show falls short, and it’s not even for the lack of a plot since so much happened, way too much. The preview hints at something big that’s going to wipe the slate clean and at this point, maybe it’s just what it needs. 

First Impressions Lost Love in Times
Quick Summary (Episode 1 – 4) 

Two worlds collide when palace conflicts find its way into the secluded valleys of Li Jing Tian, and it begins when the 4th Prince (William Chan) is framed for treason by his own father and brothers ‘cept for the 11th Prince, his trusty sidekick, who remains faithfully by his side. Feng Qing Chen (Liu Shi Shi) stumbles upon an injured 4th Prince and saves him (and here I am drawing parallels to Wonder Woman). Instead of an Amazonian warrior, Feng Qing Chen is a witch whose mandate is to protect the imperial family and its people. 

First Impressions Lost Love in Times
Alas, things can never be so simple because the witch elders (Han Dong and Han Xue) speak of an ominous prophecy. Feng Qing Chen and the 4th Prince represent the yin and yang and their meeting can only spell disaster and worse, death for one of them. The romance forges ahead anyway as the two get close in a matter of days and engage to be married despite everyone’s objections.
First Impressions Lost Love in Times
We find out that the 4th Prince is not the King’s real son but the former King’s son whose throne the current King usurped (which explains a lot). The 4th Prince stayed quiet in spite of being privy to the truth yet the King ultimately forces his hand to make a play for the throne. 
First Impressions Lost Love in Times

Too much too soon

So the 4th Prince succeeds rather easily in becoming the New King of Wei. It feels like we just sped through an entire drama’s worth of material in the span of a few episodes because the political war ended as quickly as it started and to say that it feels rushed is an understatement. While there were losses like the death of Han Dong’s character, nothing really sinks in long enough to make any meaningful connection. I, for one, can’t tell you how the couple are so madly in love, we’re just supposed to believe that they are.

I was all ready to drop the show until I realized that what we just saw was not even the actual story. The heroine will be creating an alternate reality that’s going to open up a whole new ballgame, one that negates the events that have passed, and I really hope for the show’s sake that they get it right this time aroundThe 7th Prince (Xu Hai Qiao) is probably the only character that didn’t feel as one dimensional as the rest, and I’m curious enough to want to find out how he’ll turn out in the altered timeline.  
First Impressions Lost Love in Times


Lost Love in Times vs Princess Agents

If you happen to be watching Princess Agents too, then you might have chanced upon these interesting tidbits. Both dramas are set in the Wei Kingdom and talk of a distrustful King driven mad by his insecurities. I’d give my vote to Liu Yi Jun just because I’m a fan though I really hope that his talents don’t go to waste since there’s so much that his kingly character can do given the proper buildup, yet he’s being painted simply as a man man. 

If you find the dubbing familiar, then wonder no more because the 4th Prince and Yuwen Yue are voiced by the same actor. Bian Jiang and Ji Guanlin lend their voices to the 4th Prince and Feng Qin Chen in Lost Love in Times after also dubbing for Yehua and Bai Qian in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

And hey, Maggie Huang is a common denominator as well since she is part of both casts. I find it amusing that in spite of the random similarities, it took Princess Agents forty-something episodes to get some skinship while we’re already headed for a royal wedding in Lost Love in Times

First Impressions Lost Love in Times
The attack of the bad hair

Last but not the least, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the towering hairstyles that I just can’t unsee. That asideLost Love in Times does share the same aesthetic as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms considering that it has the same crew and it is evident in the flowy costumes down to the studded armors. I can’t say that I love it anywhere nearly as much, but some shots are really pretty… if only it were enough. 

First Impressions Lost Love in Times


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