Did you know that these female celebs are big bosses too?

Zhao Li Ying StudioZhao Li Ying Studio
Zhao Li Ying is all the rage nowadays because of her hit drama Princess Agents, but did you know that she is the boss of two of her cast mates, namely Jin Han and Wang Zi JieBoth are listed on their official weibo as actors under Zhao Li Ying Studio, which the actress established back in 2014.

Zhao Li Ying Studio


Jin Han is ultimately the more recognizable of the two as one of the show’s resident baddies, and fans may also remember him for being equally villainous in Princess Weiyoung
Having Zhao Li Ying as a boss certainly has its perks as Jin Han jumps to leading man status opposite her in Our Glamorous Time, a drama adaptation based on a novel of the same name written by Ding Mo. Filming for this upcoming modern-day business romance has recently begun in Wu Han, China.
Tang Yan Studio
Tiffany Tang started Tang Yan Studio in 2013 mainly for the purposes of managing her own affairs until she signed Yukee Chen Yuqi whose very first acting job turned out to be Princess Weiyoung. It looks like the young actress will be playing supporting roles for a while longer as she joins the ensemble cast of the fantasy romance drama Heavy Sweeness, Ash-like Frost.
Zheng Shuang Studio
As a 90’s baby, Zheng Shuang is not only the youngest among the list, which is made up of celebs born in the 80’s, but she also set out to be her own boss at a younger age since she created Zheng Shuang Studio before she even turned 25 in 2016. She did so after parting amicably with EE-Media, her management company of seven years, which is also home to talents like Yang Yang
There has yet to be a baidu page for Zheng Shang Studio so it’s a little hard to track who’s part of it though most articles point to Lu Yan Qi who acted alongside Zheng Shuang in Just One Smile is Very Alluring and Jade Lover. Lu Yan Qi will also be appearing in Advisors Alliance beginning episode twenty-something.
Fan Bing Bing Studio
Fan Bing Bing is undeniably one of the biggest stars in China, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that she is a big boss as well. After leaving Huayi Brothers Media Corporation in 2007, she established Fan Bing Bing Studio, which is a flourishing company that has invested in big-budget productions like Empress of China
Win the World Guo JingWin the World Peng Xiao Ran
Aside from veteran actor Wang Xue Qi who is 71 years old, the studio also signed singer-actor Guo Jing and host Peng Xiao Ran early this year with many assuming that the latter is set to be groomed as Fan Bing Bing’s successor (they look a bit similar too). Guo Jing and Peng Xiao Ran will both be appearing in Fan Bing Bing’s upcoming historical epic Win the World.
Yang Mi Studio
Last but not the least is Yang Mi Studio which is really a separate post altogether, though Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat who are employer-employee as well as good friends definitely deserve a special mention for being such a success story. 

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