Yang Mi to star in the drama adaptation of “Once Young”

Yang Mi to star in the drama adaptation of “Once Young”
Yang Mi Once Young

Jaywalk Studio and Fonghong Pictures will be collaborating on another Chinese drama adapted from the romance novel Once Young by Jiu Ye Hui 九夜茴. It follows a theme consistent with the author’s other works that include Bloom for Half a Summer, Back in Time and First Love, all of which were adapted into film.

Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) has been confirmed to take the lead in a story about reminiscing youth and the memories from those days. As it says in the poster, “Luckily, someone like me in the past once loved the younger you.” 
Preparations are still in the beginning stages with Jiu Ye Hui also slated to work on the screenplay. Needless to say, we probably won’t be seeing this anytime soon but fans of Yang Mi need not wait too long because the actress has a few more projects in line that include Les Interpretes 2, Legend of Fuyao as well as the movie Reset

Once Young Yang Mi


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