Panda Impressions #2: Seven Day Queen, Stairway to Stardom and My Sassy Girl

Oh my goodness, how bad is it that I only took screenshots of the men? It wasn’t on purpose, at least I don’t think so, but they sure are pretty. Below are our first impressions of Seven Day Queen, Stairway to Stardom and My Sassy Girl.

Seven Day Queen

Queen for Seven Days

I really like this, maybe even more than Princess Agents even though both are entirely different creatures that watching one shouldn’t really affect the other. Even so, I may be just a little more addicted to this one because it is pretty close to perfection with a great story that is thoughtfully crafted and engaging. 

The cast blew me away especially Lee Dong Gun, whom I wasn’t a fan of initially. I tend to fast forward through the younger leads of whatever show I’m watching but teenage Yeok really shined. Big brother is using all his strength not to kill little brother while little bro has to die trying to prove his loyalty. It’s poetically tragic and touching at the same time. I binged watch until the moment Yeon Woo Jin showed up and of course, that ended with a cliffhanger. 

Stairway to Stardom

Stairway to Stardom

The show starts with a bang, like an edgy spy flick featuring Song Yi on the run from a killer until she falls into the arms of ha, you guessed it, Orlando Bloom. Is it weird that I would much rather watch that? Anyways, the heroine wakes up from dreamland and she’s back to her ordinary life as a personal assistant, working for a rather difficult celebrity.

There’s a sympathetic arc, a bickering relationship and a whole lot of meta, which is actually very interesting to see if you happen to be a fan of Chinese entertainment. Believe it or not, the character that kept me going was the self-absorbed diva who caused all sorts of troubles on set. I definitely think there’s enough material here to make this a fairly watchable show though I probably won’t be coming for the long haul.

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl

Am I the only one who didn’t like this because I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t get through the first episode, and I tried twice because I love My Sassy Girl, I love Joo Won and I love Oh Yeon Seo. Individually, they’re amazing but altogether, it just didn’t work. The straight up sageuk opening didn’t establish a strong enough reason for me to care about why everyone was crying and why the whole world was falling apart and the fusion part later on just seemed too offbeat to take seriously. 

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