Jelly Lin and Song Weilong headline “Beautiful Reborn Flower”

Beautiful Reborn Flower


I have no idea if either of the leads can act but they sure are pretty to look at, matching well with the flowery concept even before I knew what the drama was about. In fact, Jelly Lin Yun (Fights Break Sphere) ranked 14th out of the 100 most beautiful faces of 2016Song Weilong (Untouchable Lovers) may not have made the list but he definitely has the visuals. 

Beautiful Reborn Flower is based on the novel Other Shore Flower 彼岸花 by Anni Baobei 安妮寶, a term that refers to the red spider lily, a beautiful flower with ominous meanings. Given the connection, it seems fitting that the author is known for writing contemporary stories that often have a dark and sorrowful tone. 

The main couple will play two people coincidentally meeting abroad. Lin He Ping is a famous curator who runs into Xiao Man and is surprised to find that she looks exactly like a woman that he loved for years. 

Update: Filming began on July 7 and is expected to head for Spain. The rest of the cast was also announced to include Peter Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay), David Wang (Fighting Time), Li Xin Ai (Princess Weiyoung) and Xie Bin Bin

Beautiful Reborn Flower
Beautiful Reborn Flower


Beautiful Reborn Flower Peter Ho
Beautiful Reborn Flower David Wang Yao Qing
Beautiful Reborn Flower Li Xin Ai
Beautiful Reborn Flower Xie Bin Bin


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