“Genghis Khan” starring William Chan premieres in December

Genghis Khan William Chan


The press conference for Genghis Khan 战神纪 was held on June 17 in Shanghai and it was an event filled with little details about the film, the most important of which was its premiere date on December 22, 2017.
Although still six months away, the first stills featuring William Chan (Lost Love in Times) as Genghis Khan, Jelly Lin Yun (Beautiful Flower Reborn) as his love interest and Hu Jun (My Little Valentine) as the villain are eye-catching to say the least and it gives off a feel that is very much in tune with its Mongolian roots. 

Genghis Khan Jelly Lin Yun
Genghis Khan Presscon Hu Jun
I personally think that Hu Jun would have been perfect as Genghis Khan, the great warrior that founded the Mongol Empires, but putting him on the role of its antithesis also seems fitting. 
Besides, Director Hasi Chaolu revealed that the reason he chose William Chan is because of his cute and charming smile that can show a sunny and brighter side to Genghis Khan (cue dimple smile below). I mean if the smile is what got him the role… I’m putting my trust that the Director has his own vision. And to be fair, William Chan is manly all on his own, just that it’s a different breed compared to Hu Jun’s gruff masculinity. 
Genghis Khan William Chan
During the presscon, William Chan shared that he didn’t use a double for his fight scenes on horseback, and to look back at the movie clips is truly memorable, as though he was able to prove himself. He and the Director also praised co-star Jelly Lin for how direct her acting style was, simple, refreshing and clean.
Interestingly, Director Hasi Chaolu happens to be of Mongolian descent, which surely adds to the authenticity of the film. Hasi Chaolu also revealed that the script was written and rewritten many times to tell the best story and that he wishes for it to be a nice surprise for moviegoers. 
Genghis Khan Presscon
Genghis Khan Jelly Lin
Genghis Khan Presscon
Genghis Khan Presscon
Genghis Khan Presscon

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