Forest of Secrets (2017)

Forest of Secrets Korean drama
Have you ever read a drama title and thought to yourself, “this would be such a great title for a book!” No? Okay, I guess that’s just me then because Forest of Secrets seems to give off a mysterious and dark intonation that would be perfect for a gothic novel.

I’ve recently been on cloud 9 with all the fluffiness and romance of Fight My Way and Suspicious Partner so I’m ready for something dark to shake things up and turn up the intrigue and suspense.
Forest of Secrets Korean drama
Forest of Secrets is about Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo), an emotionless man who comes across as cold and rational. His lack of emotions is a result of a brain surgery when he was a child, but the absence of human desires also means he’s devoid of greed and corruption which is rampant among his colleagues and those around him.
A dead body is suddenly thrown in front of him one day, creating a series of events that will lead him to solve high scale corruption. He meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) at the scene of a murder and they eventually team up to solve what becomes a murder case that links people no would have imagined to be associated with the crime while cracking down on crime at the Prosecution office.
Forest of Secrets Korean drama


This is giving me serious Signal and Beautiful Mind feels, and a blend of both would create something that could be TvN’s next hit drama. Bae Doo Na has also created a lot of buzz with her taking on this role since it’s been 7 years since she last starred in a drama. Cho Seung Woo of course, was everyone’s favourite ahjusshi in God’s Gift 14 Days, and he’s been sorely missed afterwards. Performances by both leads have been phenomenal so if you want seasoned actors, then look no further.
Forest of Secrets Korean drama
I’m also loving the direction they’re taking with this since a lot of K-dramas seem to glorify Prosecutors (for the most part) so this drama is taking people’s expectations and admiration and throwing it on it’s head – internal corruption is very real, the bigger bad guys always find loop holes to evade the law no matter how noble the job may seem.
This is a drama that promises to deliver and we all know TvN is more than capable of producing memorable dramas. With gorgeous cinematography, beautiful posters, stellar cast, and a plot that seems suspenseful and thrilling, you’ll only be ticking off things from a checklist of what makes a great drama.
Forest of Secrets Korean drama
Release Date: June 10, 2017 tvN (Eng Sub available on DramaFever)


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