First poster of Ju Jing Yi for “Legend of Yunxi”

First poster of Ju Jing Yi for “Legend of Yunxi”
Legend of Yun Xi
We finally get one character poster for the upcoming drama adaptation of Poison Genius Consort 芸汐传 confirming Ju Jing Yi as the lead. I mean it was practically confirmed from all the telltale signs in the past but this one definitely makes it official. The announcement comes on Jun 18, which also happens to be the singer actress’s 23rd birthday.
Her management company posted on weibo, “”#SNH48 #JuJingYi 618 Birthday# She is the walking library with a photographic memory in Detective Samoyeds! She is Fei Shuang Princess in Novoland: Castle in the Sky who is unrelenting when it comes to love! She is the adorable and demure Song Jia Jia in Mr. Swimmer! She is the understanding yet love-crazed Lan Yin in Xuan Yuan Sword…” But gah… why so stingy with the posters? 

Ju Jing Yi Legend of Yun Xi

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