Introducing the Characters of “The Advisors Alliance”

Advisors Alliance
The Advisors Alliance 军师联盟 has been confirmed to air June 15 on Youku and June 22 on Jiangsu TV and Anhui TV. Whether it be sageuk, wuxia or anything in between, there’re plenty of shows lately that it’s getting harder to keep up. I should tell you though that I have been waiting for this forever, in addition to all the other things that were on my watchlist, which for some reason decided to air at once. What gives? 

The Advisors Alliance Wu Xiu Bo


Wu Xiu Bo plays Si Ma Yi, a political prodigy and military strategist. The young Si Ma Yi was a weak scholar with the look of an eagle and the ferocity of a wolf. Because of that one moment when he turns his head to face Cao Cao, Si Ma Yi is pulled into the complexities within the Cao Family. He then becomes a master of manipulation during the Three Kingdoms Era. 
The Advisors Alliance Liu Tao
Liu Tao plays Zhang Chun Hua, the wife of Si Ma Yi. She is known throughout history as the most cunning woman but she is heroic, womanly, brave and resolute. 
The Advisors Alliance Li Chen
Li Chen plays Cao Pi, a renowned political leader and scholar. He is the second son of Cao Cao, skilled in combat and gifted with a strategic mind. Even though he was taught to exercise restraint as a man in a position power, he failed to prevent the senseless killings with his own blood.
The Advisors Alliance Yu He Wei
Yu He Wei plays Cao Cao, the future Emperor Wu. He is the chancellor during the Eastern Han Dynasty who uses his political ties to gain greater power. He is an imposing figure who is complicated and difficult to read. 
The Advisors Alliance Janine Chang
Janine Chang plays Bo Lin Yun, the second wife of Si Ma Yi. She is fragile, intelligent and easygoing at the onset. She was offered to Si Ma Yi as a gift he cannot refuse but she actually functions as a spy for Cao Pi. 
The Advisors Alliance Tina Tang Yixin
Tina Tang Yixin plays Guo Zhao. She is beautiful, learned and refined. She is like a sister to Zhang Chun Hua and she is endlessly loyal to Cao Pi. 
The Advisors Alliance Zhai Tianlin
Zhai Tian Lin plays Yang Xiu, an extraordinary character who has had to remain vigilant at all times, yet his intelligence can also be his downfall. 
The Advisors Alliance Zhang Zhi Xi
Zhang Zhi Xi plays Zhen Mi, the legal wife of Cao Pi. Many men have fallen because of her beauty. She was initially the wife of Yuan Xi but was saved by Cao Pi and betrothed to him by Cao Cao.
The Advisors Alliance Wang Dong


Wang Dong plays Si Ma Fu, the younger brother of Si Ma Yi. He is an honorable man who considers himself to be an official of Wei.

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