William Chan and Sandra Ma join forces in “Age of Legends”

Ace of Legends William Chan Sandra Ma

It’s a story between the warm-blooded man who fights with his fists and a female cop. I may be getting ahead of myself in the absence of an actual plot but William Chan is so suited for alpha male type characters that I’m expecting badassery similar to The Mystic Nine
Objectively speaking, he is really not the best actor but he is so effortlessly cool (and handsome) that I’ve converted to a fan ever since Sword of Legends. I have not seen Sandra Ma in anything but hey, she won best actress in the Golden Horse AwardsNow, this is definitely a pairing that I can look forward to. 
The upcoming drama is also based on a popular novel of the same name that has Douban ratings of 8.4/10, and that’s pretty promising if you ask me.

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